Mobile Development Using Xamarin SuccessPath

You should have a working knowledge of C# and .NET Framework as well as experience working with mobile devices.

If you are a Microsoft C# developer, this path will explore one of the best ways for you to get into mobile development targeting the top two mobile devices: iOS and Android. Xamarin is a set of libraries and tools that allows you to build mobile applications using C#. In this path you will learn both iOS development using Xcode, and Android development using Visual Studio. You will explore the new Xamarin Designer, plus Monocross which allows you to maintain a common code base across both iOS and Android. You will dive into many aspects of mobile development including UI, PassKit, social media, maps, Razor, data access, Web services, file linking, and much more.

Mobile Development Using Xamarin

Course Path

Mobile Development Using Xamarin

50+ hours covering 167 topics

Course TitleTopicsRuntimeSkill LevelTrailer
Android Development Using Mono for Android 4 30 10h 20m Intermediate N/A
Android Advanced Dev Using Mono Android 4 14 5h 16m Intermediate N/A
Android Development Using Mono for Android 4.2
The Xamarin Designer for Android: Part 1 of 2 3 0h 55m Intermediate N/A
Android Java Binding Library Project: Part 2 of 2 5 1h 19m Intermediate N/A
iOS Development Using MonoTouch 5 27 8h 38m Intermediate N/A
iOS Adv Development Using MonoTouch 5.2 23 6h 12m Intermediate N/A
MonoTouch: What's new for iOS 6
MonoTouch, Part 1: iOS 6 Intro, Social Media, and Maps 6 1h 22m Intermediate
MonoTouch, Part 2: iOS 6 User Interface 3 0h 56m Intermediate
MonoTouch, Part 3: iOS 6 PassKit, Coding, and Events 4 1h 11m Intermediate
Xamarin iOS 7: What's New
Xamarin iOS 7, Part 1 of 2: Introduction and Features 10 1h 48m Advanced
Xamarin iOS 7, Part 2 of 2: .NET and Visual Studio Plugins 8 2h 17m Advanced
Xamarin and iOS 8: 64Bit Support, UI and API
Xamarin and iOS 8, Part 1 of 2: 64 Bit Support and UI 7 2h 4m Intermediate
Xamarin and iOS 8, Part 2 of 2: New APIs 4 1h 6m Intermediate
Xamarin Tools: Cross Platform Mobile Development
Xamarin Tools, Part 1 of 3: Solutions and File Linking 5 1h 20m Advanced
Xamarin Tools, Part 2 of 3: Mobile and Web Services 7 1h 44m Advanced
Xamarin Tools, Part 3 of 3: Mobile Platforms 4 0h 54m Advanced
Xamarin: Cross Platform
Xamarin Cross Platform, Part 1 of 2: PCL and Razor 4 1h 38m Intermediate
Xamarin Cross Platform, Part 2 of 2: Data Access 3 1h 12m Intermediate