.NET Framework C# Development SuccessPath

You should have some programming background. No specific experience with Visual Studio or the .NET Framework is required.

In this path you will explore .NET and the programming language C#. You will learn how the .NET Framework makes it easier to build applications that cross platforms and hardware by providing a consistent and powerful set of classes that abstract away differences of architecture, and allow developers to use the languages and tools that work best for them. You will explore a large base class library that includes features such as data and file access, user interface design, cryptography and more, which open up the power of the Windows operating system. You will get an introduction to the C# language features you need to create full-featured Web and Windows applications that capitalize on the .NET platform. You will learn about data types, variables, operators, and all the important flow control structures. You will work with data structures, such as arrays and collection classes, before finishing up by learning about generics, handling exceptions, and working with delegates and events.

.NET Framework C# Development

Course Path

.NET Framework

3+ hours covering 13 topics

Course TitleTopicsRuntimeSkill LevelTrailer
.NET Framework 4.5.1: Introduction
.NET Framework 4.5.1, Part 1 of 3: Overview 5 1h 23m Beginner
.NET Framework 4.5.1, Part 2 of 3: One ASP.NET 4 1h 15m Beginner
.NET Framework 4.5.1, Part 3 of 3: Building on Windows 4 0h 55m Beginner

C# 6 Development

22+ hours covering 82 topics

C# 4/5 Development

27+ hours covering 69 topics