Amazon AWS SuccessPath


Basic understanding of networking and server based operating systems. 

Explore why more businesses than ever are utilizing cloud services, and why it may be time that your company consider using a cloud service, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), for its business needs. In this path, discover what AWS can offer your business with a brief overview followed by a look at some common services to enhance your experience and utilization. Then, become familiar with the extensive yet approachable AWS support area, where nearly any question can be answered within minutes for free. Now it’s time to securely, and correctly, create and set up your AWS account. Discover the best way to setup your account to avoid potential pitfalls down the road, how to add new users and groups to your account, and how to best utilize roles and permissions to keep your account safe. Learn how to set up virtual private clouds and examine the power behind Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). You will then work with AWS database services (RDS) that supports many common DB engines. We'll look at Amazon DB and Elasticache. Finally, we will look at AWS management tools and cover how you can migrate your data and virtual machines quickly and easily to the cloud.

Course Path

Amazon Web Services

10+ hours covering 32 topics