Microsoft Office Advanced SuccessPath

Should have a basic understanding of the Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office

In this path, extend your basic knowledge of Microsoft Office into some of the specialized and more advanced topics to become even more productive at the office. You will learn advanced document layout, adding tables, and page layout in Microsoft Word. Learn advanced techniques in using Excel formulas and aggregation functions, plus explore tools can help to illuminate the data in your workbook in order to give your audience the information they need in a more digestible, visual manner. Learn advanced formatting features in PowerPoint to control images, SmartArt, shapes, tables, and charts in your presentations. Explore how to animate objects so they come in, flow, move and accentuate. Finally, take a deep dive into Excel functions and features that center around Data Analysis including financial and statistical functions, VLOOKUPS, PivotTables, and PivotCharts.

Office Advanced

Course Path

Microsoft Office 2016

22+ hours covering 84 topics

Microsoft Office 2013

13+ hours covering 47 topics