PERL Development SuccessPath

This is an entry level course. Some amount of programming experience is recommended, but not required. You can jump right into this course at any level.

With its human-friendly linguistic approach, there’s no reason not to learn Perl. Discover ways to make Perl work best for you; learn how to automate tasks and use tools to find, select, extract, change, and save data. Explore the functions and operators present in Perl and learn how to automate tasks and write code in ways that are intuitive to you. Find out how to make your Perl scripts as flexible as possible and how arrays can be easily manipulated. Learn all about regular expressions and discover how to master their syntax.

Course Path
It is common for users to take all the courses in this path in the order shown below.  

PERL Programming

4+ hours covering 16 topics

Course TitleTopicsRuntimeSkill LevelTrailer
Perl Fundamentals /**/ /**/ /**/
Perl, Part 1 of 3: Variables and Conditions /**/ 6 /**/ 1h 20m Beginner /**/
Perl, Part 2 of 3: Lists and User Input /**/ 5 /**/ 1h 29m Beginner /**/
Perl, Part 3 of 3: Regular Expressions and Routines /**/ 5 /**/ 1h 30m Beginner /**/