Linux SuccessPath

You should be familiar with basic computer usage in the Mac, Windows, or Linux operating systems. You should also have Linux installed on your system.

Understanding Linux is becoming an essential skill for individuals working in the IT field. In this path, you will learn explore the fundamentals of the Linux operating system. Become familiar with the key areas of Linux and get a lesson on its history and evolution. You will start by getting the most out of the Linux shell by automating commands, making fewer mistakes, and completing your tasks faster. Discover tips for maintaining a clean and efficient home directory and decide which of the Linux distros is best for you. Learn how to work with the command line interface and the Linux standard tools, manage processes, work with background jobs and install new packages. Get an introduction to the Linux Kernel and walk through the shell programming language, building custom scripts, and creating partitions.

Course Path
It is common for users to take all the courses in this path in the order shown below.  

Linux Administration

11+ hours covering 37 topics

Course TitleTopicsRuntimeSkill LevelTrailer
Exploring Linux /**/ /**/ /**/
Exploring Linux, Part 1: First Look /**/ 4 /**/ 1h 4m Beginner /**/
Exploring Linux, Part 2: Managing Files /**/ 6 /**/ 1h 24m Beginner /**/
Linux Fundamentals /**/ /**/ /**/
Linux, Part 1 of 5: Overview, Tools, and Users /**/ 6 /**/ 1h 56m Beginner /**/
Linux, Part 2 of 5: System Functions, Scripts, and Partitions /**/ 8 /**/ 2h 12m Beginner /**/
Linux Intermediate /**/ /**/ /**/
Linux, Part 3 of 5: Input/Output and Variables /**/ 3 /**/ 1h 17m Beginner /**/
Linux, Part 4 of 5: Files and Security /**/ 6 /**/ 1h 35m Beginner /**/
Linux, Part 5 of 5: VIM and Permissions /**/ 4 /**/ 1h 33m Beginner /**/