SharePoint 2013 Administrator SuccessPath

You should be familiar with networks and Windows Servers, including Active Directory.

This path is designed to get a network administrator up to speed on installing and configuring Microsoft SharePoint 2013. You will begin by learning how to set up Web applications to maintain your content, site collections to manage metadata, and permissions for your groups of sites, the sites themselves and their connection to the rest of the farm. You will explore how to set up quotas and clean-up policies for your users so you can stay in control of your servers. You will learn how to set up site permissions and delegate control to site owners, plus you will learn how to test the whole process with your site owners to ensure you are delivering what they asked for. You will discover the options available in SharePoint to keep your server healthy and happy. You will learn backup, restore, and archive processes in SharePoint, and you will examine how to ensure your data is controlled and safe at all times. Finally, you will dive into the world of extensions and look at the new App Model for SharePoint.

Course Path

SharePoint 2013 Administrator

8+ hours covering 20 topics

Course TitleTopicsRuntimeSkill LevelTrailer
SharePoint 2013: Administrator /**/ /**/ /**/
SharePoint 2013 Administrator, Part 1 of 5: Installing /**/ 5 /**/ 1h 53m Intermediate /**/
SharePoint 2013 Administrator, Part 2 of 5: Configuration /**/ 3 /**/ 1h 40m Intermediate /**/
SharePoint 2013 Administrator, Part 3 of 5: Sites /**/ 6 /**/ 2h 52m Intermediate /**/
SharePoint 2013 Administrator, Part 4 of 5: Monitoring /**/ 3 /**/ 1h 0m Advanced /**/
SharePoint 2013 Administrator, Part 5 of 5: Templates /**/ 3 /**/ 1h 23m Advanced /**/