SharePoint 2013 Administrator, Part 3 of 5: Sites

with Philip Wheat

SharePoint Sites are the reason for SharePoint to exist in your organization. In this course, we’ll be looking at how to set up Web Applications to hold your content, Site Collections to manage the metadata and permissions of your groups of sites, and the sites themselves and their connection to the rest of the farm. We’ll cover how to set up quotas and clean up policies for your users so that you’ll stay in control of your servers, and how to get the greatest benefit from SharePoint by ensuring that your implementation is well matched with your desktop software. Finally, we’ll walk through the process of setting up site permissions and delegating the appropriate amount of control to the site owners and then testing the whole process with your site owners to ensure you’re delivering what they thought they were asking for. Once you’ve gotten through that process, we’ll also look at how to train your standard users to take best advantage of the final implementation.

Course Outline