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Philip Wheat

Philip Wheat is an industry veteran who has been active in the computer industry for over 20 years. With experience stretching back to the beginnings of the PC era, he has remained active on the leading edges of technology, focusing on embedded systems, knowledge management, and sensor technologies. He is one of the few who has worked with SharePoint since the original beta, has built his own microprocessor, and has had robotics projects featured in the press and TV shows around the world.


Docker: The Good, The Bad and the DevOps

You can’t open up a Cloud Dev article without seeing Docker mentioned somewhere. The latest fad, the newest way to manage production images, the Git of the Operations side of the house. Is it all that, or is it something else? In this webinar, ...


Workflow Supersized in SharePoint 2016

One of the most powerful, yet possibly one of the most underutilized features within SharePoint is workflows. Workflows provide users with the ability to automate complex business processes, saving them both time and effort. However, due to the frequ...


SharePoint 2016: Cloud First, Mobile First

SharePoint has been an evolving product throughout its history. The technology, objectives, and usages have changed dramatically over the last decade and a half. SharePoint 2016 is the first release following the Microsoft "Cloud First, Mobile First"...


SharePoint Development in the Cloud

Cloud is all the rage right now, and one of the interesting items that is happening is that development is moving there as well. For example, did you realize that you can fully develop, deploy, and even market SharePoint Applications by exclusively u...



Exploring Docker: Benefits of Containers

There tends to be a lot of confusion surrounding what exactly Docker is but, put simply, it’s a fairly new and continuously rapid-evolving web technology. Explore the possibilities of what Docker is, how to best fit it into your DevOps operations, an...


Exploring SharePoint 2016, Part 2 of 2: Content Management

Focus your attention on collaboration and the considerations of deployment. Determine whether you'll migrate to SharePoint 2016, and if you do, understand what challenges you may face. Explore a variety of topics including content management, governa...


Exploring SharePoint 2016, Part 1 of 2: Features and History

Take a look into SharePoint's new features and see how it has evolved over the last decade. Dive into SharePoint by understanding infrastructure needs and licensing. Explore new features including durable links, encrypted connections, and Office 365,...


SharePoint 2013 Site Owner, Part 2 of 2: Managing Sites

This course will help you understand what being a SharePoint Site Owner is all about and what tasks and capabilities you’ll need to master to make your corner of SharePoint a success. We’ll go through the basic tasks and functionality of managing you...

SharePointSharePoint Business User

SharePoint 2013 Site Owner, Part 1 of 2: Templates

SharePoint has been installed in a huge number of organizations and for an amazing number of tasks. A SharePoint implementation is a well-planned, deeply organized, and carefully orchestrated effort in most companies. But too often this effort happ...

SharePointSharePoint Business User

Git Fundamentals

In this course we’ll cover using Git to manage your project files. Git is a very lightweight but powerful system to manage changes, not just in your source code, but in documents, graphic assets and basically anything you use to deliver projects. ...


SharePoint 2013 App Model, Part 2 of 2: Development and Deploy

In this course we are going to dive into SharePoint development. We’ll take an in depth look at Napa, why to use and how to set it up. Then we’ll design and develop your first applications using Napa. Next we’ll look at SharePoint designer for devel...

SharePointSharePoint Development

SharePoint 2013 App Model, Part 1 of 2: Development Choices

In this course will take a look at the history of SharePoint development then we’ll take a look at the tools you has a developer will use to create applications for SharePoint 2013. First we’ll look at Visual Studio and SharePoint support built into ...

SharePointSharePoint Development


Git Fundamentals

The LearnNowOnline product development team is happy to announce the release of our latest course, Git Fundamentals, with expert Philip Wheat.


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