Docker: The Good, The Bad and the DevOps

with expert Philip Wheat

You can’t open up a Cloud Dev article without seeing Docker mentioned somewhere. The latest fad, the newest way to manage production images, the Git of the Operations side of the house. Is it all that, or is it something else? In this webinar, we’ll look at what Docker is … and what it isn’t. We’ll discuss the things you need to consider when evaluating if and how you’ll want to adopt it for your development process as well as where it can best be used in your organization. Additionally, we’ll cover cloud usage, local usage, dev configuration, and some of the tools you’ll need to get the most out of Docker containers.

This webinar was originally recorded on June 07, 2017.


Philip Wheat

Philip Wheat is an industry veteran who has been active in the computer industry for over 20 years. With experience stretching back to the beginnings of the PC era, he has remained active on the leading edges of technology, focusing on embedded systems, knowledge management, and sensor technologies. He is one of the few who has worked with SharePoint since the original beta, has built his own microprocessor, and has had robotics projects featured in the press and TV shows around the world.

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