SharePoint 2013 Administrator, Part 5 of 5: Templates

with Philip Wheat

SharePoint templates and extensions are some of your best tools for customizing the product. In this course, we’ll look at the process to create custom templates for your new sites. This will allow you to both ensure that your users are getting appropriate support for their projects, but also allow you to create a unique experience that doesn’t have to scream “This is SharePoint, I just left it looking out of the box.” Then we’ll dive into the world of extension and look at the new App model for SharePoint that was introduced in the 2013 generation. We’ll also cover how to manage traditional Features and Solutions and how to use PowerShell and the STSADM tool to install and remove them. Then to shift gears, we’ll cover one of the areas that can be the most challenging in SharePoint. We’ll look at Anonymous Access for sites and how things have changed in SharePoint 2013. We’ll look at Anonymous Policies, Authentication Providers, and Site Settings to provide unauthenticated users the views you want without exposing information that should be maintained secure.

Course Outline