iOS Mobile Development SuccessPath

You should have experience working with a formal programming language, and you should be familiar with the basic features of an iOS mobile device.

This path is ideal for a programmer who is familiar with other programming languages and wants to start developing for the iPhone and iPad. You will learn the basics of iOS programming using Objective-C, beginning with how to use the Xcode IDE to write code, along with the built-in Interface Builder to drag and drop interface elements into views. You will learn how to work with Objective-C and Cocoa design patterns, how to use navigation and tab bar controllers, and how to make your own table views to navigate data. You will discover how to debug and test using Apple's tools, and you will explore topics around RESTful services and using JSON serialization. You will learn UITouch and recognizing gestures, and you will learn about animation using the UIKit. You will also see Apple's most exciting new programming language, Swift. You'll gain a better understanding of why Swift exists as well as why many developers are moving towards it for iOS and OS development.

Course Path

iOS Mobile Development

14+ hours covering 34 topics

Course TitleTopicsRuntimeSkill LevelTrailer
iOS Dev Using Objective-C: Fundamentals /**/ 23 /**/ 9h 40m Intermediate /**/ N/A
iPhone/iPad Dev Using Objective-C: JSON and UI /**/ /**/ /**/
iOS Dev Using Objective-C: REST and JSON /**/ 5 /**/ 2h 8m Intermediate /**/
iOS Dev Using Objective-C: Gestures /**/ 4 /**/ 1h 41m Intermediate /**/
iOS Dev Using Objective-C: Animation /**/ 2 /**/ 1h 4m Intermediate /**/


2+ hours covering 10 topics

Course TitleTopicsRuntimeSkill LevelTrailer
Swift for iOS /**/ /**/ /**/
Swift for iOS, Part 1 of 2: Basics /**/ 7 /**/ 1h 38m Beginner /**/
Swift for iOS, Part 2 of 2: Creating an Application /**/ 3 /**/ 1h 7m Beginner /**/