Ruby Development SuccessPath

You should be familiar with basic text editing in a Windows or Linux environment. No prior knowledge of programming is assumed.

Ruby is among the most popular programming languages because it’s both artful and practical. Master Ruby and understand what makes it unique. Learn the basic building blocks of Ruby and discover the best practices for working with it and staying within guidelines. In addition to exploring Sinatra and Rails, the two most popular web frameworks for Ruby, develop an understanding of what Git is and why it’s important. Explore some of the practical components of Ruby including how to work with its file system and take a closer look at two advanced topics in Ruby development: Procs and Metaprogramming. Learn how to build out a full Ruby program and how to integrate a variety of features.

Course Path
It is common for users to take all the courses in this path in the order shown below.

Ruby Programming

16+ hours covering 64 topics