Java Development SuccessPath

You should be familiar with object-oriented programming using a programming language; however no Java knowledge is required.

In this path you will learn the fundamentals of Java including objects, classes, and other programming commands. You will learn how to work with XML, Security, and JUnit. You will then explore enterprise topics such as Java Beans, Servlets and Java Server Pages (JSP). You will learn how to work with AJAX with Direct Web Remoting (DWR), DOJO, and JAX-WS (Java API XML Web Services). You will get an overview of RESTful Services and how it is applied with JAX-RS. You will learn about Injection, Sub Resources, Responses, Forms, and Exceptions. You will learn about Spring and Hibernate, and how to build enterprise Web applications that can be used to connect to SQL databases and data sources. Lastly you will take a look at Selenium for performing and automating web application testing.

Java Development

Course Path

Java Development

195+ hours covering 343 topics

Course TitleTopicsRuntimeSkill LevelTrailer
Java SE, Part 1: Objects, Classes, and Constructors 15 8h 48m Beginner N/A
Java SE, Part 2: Inheritance, Interfaces, and Collections 16 8h 49m Beginner N/A
Java SE, Part 3: JDBC, Reflections, and Threading 20 12h 48m Beginner N/A
Java SE, Part 4: XML, Security, and JUnit 12 6h 40m Beginner N/A
Java EE, Part 1: Servlets and JSP Fundamentals 18 9h 37m Intermediate N/A
Java EE, Part 2: Servlets, JSP, Security, and JS Faces 18 10h 24m Intermediate N/A
Java EE, Part 3: EJB 3.0 and JPA 14 7h 45m Intermediate N/A
Java EE, Part 4: EJB 3.0 in the Enterprise 16 8h 57m Advanced N/A
Java EE, Part 5: AJAX Fundamentals 24 12h 20m Intermediate N/A
Java EE, Part 6: AJAX with DWR, DOJO, and Security 14 10h 13m Intermediate N/A
Java EE, Part 7: JAX-WS Web Services 17 8h 3m Intermediate N/A
Java EE, Part 8: JAX-WS Web Service Controls 16 9h 6m Intermediate N/A
Java EE Programming: Spring 3.0 18 17h 37m Advanced N/A
Java EE Programming: Hibernate 7 14h 5m Intermediate N/A
Java EE: Integrating Hibernate and Spring 3.0 11 11h 24m Advanced N/A
Java EE Programming: Ajax with Spring 3.0 27 9h 33m Advanced N/A
Java EE: Web Development Using Spring 3.0 21 11h 21m Advanced N/A
RESTful Services: Fundamentals
RESTful Services, Part 1: Overview and JAX-RS 5 1h 50m Intermediate
RESTful Services, Part 2: Injection and Sub Resources 4 1h 20m Intermediate
RESTful Services, Part 3: Response, Form, and Exceptions 3 1h 3m Intermediate
RESTful Services: Data, JAX-RS and Jersey
RESTful Services, Part 4: Install, JAX-RS, and Jersey 8 1h 43m Intermediate
RESTful Services, Part 5: The Server and Client 5 1h 24m Intermediate
Java 7 SE: What's New
Java 7 SE, Part 1: Enhancements and Concurrency 8 1h 22m Intermediate
Java 7 SE, Part 2: IO, New IO, and Network Protocols 11 2h 18m Intermediate
Java 7 SE: Various Updates, Security and RIA
Java 7 SE, Part 3: Unicode, Classes, and Frameworks 6 2h 12m Intermediate
Java 7 SE, Part 4: JDBC and Security 4 1h 54m Intermediate
Selenium Fundamentals
Selenium Fundamentals, Part 1: IDE 3 1h 34m Beginner
Selenium Fundamentals, Part 2: WebDriver 2 1h 6m Beginner