Android Mobile Development SuccessPath

You should have experience working with Java and Eclipse, and you should be familiar with the basic features of an Android mobile device.

In this path you will learn the basics of developing applications for the Android platform. You will be introduced to the Android developer tool kit using Eclipse and programming in Java. You will build your first simple mobile application, and then go on to learn how to access GPS information, how to use the status bar notification, and how to move into SQLite, a mobile version of a SQL database. From there you will learn about SMS test messaging, Web views, Web services and using a SD card. You will go on to take a deeper look at developing applications for the Android OS like Android XML HTTP, XML-RPC service, and more. You will learn about Android graphics for simple 2D graphics, and you will learn about Bluetooth, from accessing the hardware to creating Web services and finishing up with fragments, adapters, list views, and arrays.

Course Path

Android Mobile Development

22+ hours covering 51 topics

Course TitleTopicsRuntimeSkill LevelTrailer
Android Dev, Part 1 of 3: Using Eclipse /**/ 15 /**/ 7h 7m Beginner /**/ N/A
Android Dev, Part 2 of 3: Networking, Web, and Databases /**/ 18 /**/ 7h 37m Intermediate /**/ N/A
Android Dev, Part 3 of 3: Graphics, Bluetooth, and Tablets /**/ 18 /**/ 7h 34m Intermediate /**/ N/A