Security Awareness SuccessPath

Should be familiar with Microsoft Windows and using Windows-based applications.

In this path you will learn about how to protect yourself and your company from various forms of hacking and cyber-attacks. The path is designed to give all business professionals the knowledge and tools to protect themselves and the sensitive information they use from security attacks. It covers many simple ways to prevent security breaches and protect valuable data.

Security Awareness

Course Path

Digital Security Awareness

5+ hours covering 16 topics

Course TitleTopicsRuntimeSkill LevelTrailer
Digital Security Awareness /**/ /**/ /**/
Digital Security Awareness, Part 1 of 4: Introduction /**/ 3 /**/ 1h 8m Beginner /**/
Digital Security Awareness, Part 2 of 4: Data /**/ 3 /**/ 1h 7m Beginner /**/
Digital Security Awareness, Part 3 of 4: Protection /**/ 4 /**/ 1h 42m Beginner /**/
Digital Security Awareness, Part 4 of 4: Security /**/ 6 /**/ 1h 56m Beginner /**/