Web Development Fundamentals SuccessPath

You should have some HTML background. No specific experience with Visual Studio or the .NET Framework is required.

In this path you will learn the fundamentals of Web development including JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, and Git. You will learn about changes to HTML that now can embed audio and video playing without using a plug-in. You will discover many new features such as structural tags, input field types, and canvas elements. You will learn about the new CSS3 transitions, local storage of user preferences, history management, and drawing and animating graphics with WebGL. You will learn about JavaScript and the objects exposed by the Document Object Model (DOM), the browser's API that lets you manipulate a page dynamically and provide instant responses to user actions. You will learn about the origins of JavaScript and its core language features, giving you a solid foundation on which to take advantage of the many benefits of this versatile language. Finally, you will see how Git can be used to manage all your code and Web assets.

Web Development Fundamentals

Course Path

Web Development Fundamentals

23+ hours covering 71 topics

Course TitleTopicsRuntimeSkill LevelTrailer
HTML5 and CSS3 27 6h 59m Beginner N/A
JavaScript, Part 1 of 6: Fundamentals 15 6h 50m Beginner
JavaScript: Classes and Data Structures
JavaScript, Part 2 of 6: Objects, Arrays, and Expressions 5 1h 39m Beginner
JavaScript, Part 3 of 6: Functions 4 1h 30m Beginner
JavaScript, Part 4 of 6: Object Constructors 3 0h 53m Beginner
JavaScript: Web and Objects
JavaScript, Part 5 of 6: Web 6 1h 57m Intermediate
JavaScript, Part 6 of 6: Objects 4 1h 26m Intermediate
Git Fundamentals 7 1h 54m Intermediate