RESTful Services, Part 3 of 5: Response, Form, and Exceptions

with expert John Kidd

JAX-RS normally will take care of building the response based on your return from your REST method call. Sometimes though, you need to take total control over how that response is generated. In this course, we will look at using the ResponseBuilder. You will also learn how to use the ResponseBuilding APIs to generate custom responses when exceptions occur. Lastly, because we need to update and create as well as read, we will take a look at form submission to a rest service and how to submit JSON objects.

Intermediate | 1h 3m | September 29, 2014

Web DevelopmentJavaJAX-RSJava SERESTful Services

Course Outline

John Kidd

John Kidd is a nationally recognized instructor and consultant who travels the country sharing his expertise in java enterprise, SCRUM, and big data and related technologies. John has over 20 years of teaching and project development experience including roles from developer to vice president of research and development. John is also a popular speaker at several conferences in both the U.S. and Europe.

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