iOS Dev Using Objective-C: Animation

with expert David Solberg

iOS was built for animation, and most properties of a view can be animated, either directly or through using a view's backing layer. The UIKit has a few built-in convenience class methods that allow you to animate changes of position, color, frame, opacity, and shadow to name a few. Then we look at animating transitions, either within the same view or in a change between views. We will create a subclass of UIImageView that has a front and back side, then use a sample flip animation to change sides.

Intermediate | 1h 4m | November 26, 2012

Objective CMobileiPhone/iPad

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David Solberg

David Solberg has been developing iOS applications for several years for both consumers and enterprises. He has multiple applications in the App Store in addition to numerous private applications for internal business use. He is co-organizer of the Twin Cities, Minnesota, Meetup group for iOS developers. In addition to his many years training people to use technology, David has architected online assessment systems.

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