Microsoft Word 2016, Part 4 of 5: Labels, Page Layout and Printing

with expert Leeanne McManus

When it comes to making professional documents, the little things matter. This course will focus on producing a design theme that gives your brand a consistent look and feel. Software expert LeeAnne McManus will also teach you how to modify margins as well as manage page orientation and layout in order to fine tune page appearance.

Beginner | 1h 58m | April 18, 2017


Course Outline

Leeanne McManus

Leeanne McManus is a nationally renowned trainer, facilitator, and productivity expert who has conducted thousands of sessions over the past decade. While widely recognized for helping end-users, departments, and organizations learn how to maximize their software products, most notably Office 365 and Adobe, Leeanne also facilitates sessions to enhance productivity and performance through soft skills development. Her professional background includes Human Resources, Operations, and Talent and Development.

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