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Leeanne McManus

Leeanne McManus is a nationally renowned trainer, facilitator, and productivity expert who has conducted thousands of sessions over the past decade. While widely recognized for helping end-users, departments, and organizations learn how to maximize their software products, most notably Office 365 and Adobe, Leeanne also facilitates sessions to enhance productivity and performance through soft skills development. Her professional background includes Human Resources, Operations, and Talent and Development.


Microsoft Word 2016, Part 5 of 5: New Features

Explore the updated features in Microsoft Word 2016, ranging from connecting and utilizing Office 365 to activity icons and document items. Some additional items that that will be covered include real-time co-authoring, inking, and enhanced research ...


Microsoft Word 2016, Part 4 of 5: Labels, Page Layout and Printing

When it comes to making professional documents, the little things matter. This course will focus on producing a design theme that gives your brand a consistent look and feel. Software expert LeeAnne McManus will also teach you how to modify margins a...


Microsoft Word 2016, Part 3 of 5: Tables and Objects

This course will focus on the use of tables, which are vital if underused tools for adding structure to your Word documents. Instructor LeeAnne McManus will demonstrate the full array of tools used to insert and modify tables and also look at the rea...


Microsoft Word 2016, Part 2 of 5: Selecting, Searching and Formatting

Even longtime users of Word may have challenges selecting and formatting content in light of the extensive changes made to the user interface. Accordingly, in this course LeeAnne McManus will focus on how to format and search for content in Word


Microsoft Word 2016, Part 1 of 5: Get Acquainted with the Environment

Microsoft Word continues to evolve from its humble origins into a platform capable of creating visually-stimulating and professional-looking documents. Productivity expert LeeAnne McManus will teach you how to navigate the program with ease and creat...


Microsoft PowerPoint 2016, Part 5 of 5: New Features

Discover what’s new in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016, starting with how to manage your Office 365 account. Some of the changes that will be examined include inking, screen recording, activity icons, interface improvements including smart lookup, and acti...


Microsoft PowerPoint 2016, Part 4 of 5: Presentations

In this course, productivity expert Leeanne McManus examines different ways to modify the look and feel of your presentation, as well as how to finalize and prepare your presentation. She will demonstrate the presenter-facing notes feature, selective...


Microsoft PowerPoint 2016, Part 3 of 5: Working with Objects

Join productivity expert Leeanne McManus as she focuses on working with a variety of objects, one of the main components in PowerPoint. A unique way to grab the attention of your audience members, Leeanne will focus on objects such as images, SmartAr...



Why Microsoft Word Training is a Wise Decision

Given the wide array of new and complex technologies in the modern workplace, dedicated training for Microsoft Word might seem at first blush somewhat superfluous.


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