C# 2012, Part 4 of 4: Language Changes and Updates

with Joe Mayo

In this course, you’ll learn how named and optional parameters give you flexibility in calling methods. You’ll see how caller information attributes give you information about the code that is calling a method. Another set of features you’ll see are covariance and contravariance and how they allow you to implicitly convert return values and parameters, respectively, between types. We’ll also discuss how embedded interop types reduce the size of your deployable code and then you’ll see a few new C# compiler command-line options. You’ll learn about new .NET types like BigInteger, Complex, and Tuple. You’ll see how to perform just-in-time type initialization with Lazy<T>. The course will show you how to manage breakpoints and step through code with the debugger. Finally, we’ll cover the different build options and show you how to create custom build configurations of your own.

Course Outline