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Xamarin Tools, Part 3 of 3: Mobile Platforms

with expert Wallace McClure

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Release date 1/7/2013
Level Advanced
Runtime 0h 54m
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Course description

In this course, we will take a quick look at Monocross. With Monocross, we can have a device container, such as an iPhone or Android container. Outside of that device container, we have device independent code that we can use. Then we’ll look how to use MonoTouch and Mono for Android to build applications that run on handsets as well as tablets. For iOS, this means that we can use a Universal application to build an app that runs on the iPhone as well as iPad. For Android, this means that we can build one application that can run on handsets and tablets. To end the course we’ll look at a few pitfalls that developers need to be aware of when building applications using MonoTouch and Mono for Android.


This course assumes that students have some programming background and experience using Visual Studio and Xcode. In addition, this course assumes knowledge of Visual C# and Mono for Android, as well as Objective C and Mono Touch. An understanding of XML is also required.

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Mobile Development Using Xamarin

Meet the expert

Wallace McClure specializes in building applications that have large numbers of users and large amounts of data as well as user interface specific technologies such as AJAX, iPhone, and Android. He is a Microsoft MVP, ASPInsider, and a partner in Scalable Development, Inc. Wally has authored books on iPhone Programming with Mono/MonoTouch, Android Programming with Mono for Android, application architecture, ADO.NET and SQL Server, and finally AJAX.

Course outline


MonoCross (16:37)
  • Introduction (00:17)
  • Agenda (00:34)
  • What is Monocross (00:44)
  • MVC Pattern (01:08)
  • Project Setup (01:23)
  • Output (01:51)
  • Demo: Monocross Android (03:36)
  • Demo: Monocross iOS (02:33)
  • Monocross Utilities (02:02)
  • Audio and Video (01:05)
  • References (01:02)
  • Summary (00:16)
Android (18:47)
  • Introduction (00:18)
  • Agenda (00:28)
  • Android in the Marketplace (01:15)
  • Historical Distribution (00:32)
  • Developer Questions (00:42)
  • Android Support Libraries (01:31)
  • Version 4 Libraries (01:02)
  • Project Setup (01:04)
  • Demo: Android (04:39)
  • Screen Sizes (00:49)
  • Screens Graphics and Resources (00:40)
  • Screen Densities (00:42)
  • Demo: Screens and Densities (04:48)
  • Summary (00:10)
BIOS (14:17)
  • Introduction (00:21)
  • iOS Uptake (01:48)
  • iOS: iPhone and iPad (01:08)
  • Universal Application (00:41)
  • Retina Support (01:46)
  • iPad mini Support (00:56)
  • iPhone 5 support (02:17)
  • Demo: iOS (02:24)
  • Universal Application Running (01:18)
  • References (01:19)
  • Summary (00:14)
Special Consideration (04:45)
  • Introduction (00:17)
  • Special Considerations (00:18)
  • Reflection.Emit (00:32)
  • System.Json (00:56)
  • What about .NET 4.5? (01:39)
  • Images (00:47)
  • Summary (00:14)