Xamarin Cross Platform, Part 2 of 2: Data Access

with expert Wallace McClure

Applications live on data. These applications can vary from an online social network service, to a company’s internal database, to simple data, and all points in between. This Course will focus on how to easily access data on the device, communicate back and forth with a web service, and then finally to a SQL server database.

Intermediate | 1h 12m | May 12, 2014

XamarinCross PlatformC#Mobile

Course Outline

Wallace McClure

Wallace McClure specializes in building applications that have large numbers of users and large amounts of data as well as user interface specific technologies such as AJAX, iPhone, and Android. He is a Microsoft MVP, ASPInsider, and a partner in Scalable Development, Inc. Wally has authored books on iPhone Programming with Mono/MonoTouch, Android Programming with Mono for Android, application architecture, ADO.NET and SQL Server, and finally AJAX.

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