PMI Project Management SuccessPath




In this path you will become familiar with the concepts and instructions found in PMI’s PMBOK Guide, Fifth Edition. It is the globally recognized standard and guide for the Project Management (PM) profession, providing guidelines for managing individual projects and defining PM related concepts. You will explore your role as the project manager and discover how it can be influenced by an organization’s portfolios, programs, and projects. You will learn the components of Project Management and how they relate to other disciplines within an organization. You will explore the relationship Project Management has to business, and how it can be applied to align with business objectives. You will then dive further into to the project life cycle and learn how the project phases are conducted in a variety of ways depending on the specific needs of the project. Finally, you will learn about the Project Stakeholder Management Knowledge Area and how to identify project stakeholders.

Course Path

PMI Project Management

11+ hours covering 56 topics

Course TitleTopicsRuntimeSkill LevelTrailer
Preparing for Project Management Certification
Project Management, Part 1: Getting Started 11 1h 43m Beginner
Project Management, Part 2: Planning a Project 5 1h 9m Beginner
Project Management, Part 3: Time Management 6 1h 32m Beginner
Project Management Certification Advanced
Project Management, Part 4: Costs and Management 6 1h 18m Beginner
Project Management, Part 5: Risks and Plans 7 1h 48m Intermediate
Project Management, Part 6: Executing a Project 8 1h 40m Intermediate
Project Management, Part 7: Monitoring a Project 6 1h 25m Intermediate
Project Management, Part 8: Project Processes and Closing 7 1h 19m Intermediate