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Java 8 Features Demystified
With expert Kevin McManus
Wednesday, October 26, 2016 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM CT

Not since Java 5's introduction of Generics and the Collections API has a Java release been so highly anticipated. Join us to learn about some new and powerful features of the Java SE 8 platform. Chief among the new features are Lambda expressions allowing Java developers to take advantage of today's multicore processors. The new Stream class enhances the Collections API by providing a mechanism to implement parallel processing of data using multicore processors. We'll walk through examples that will demystify new syntax, and you'll learn about backward compatibility.

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Security Certification: The Next Level
With expert David Bigger
Recorded on October 13, 2016

Join security expert David Bigger as he explores CompTIA’s newest and highest level certification. This vendor-neutral globally recognized certification will help you excel in your career and give you leverage over your competition, covering the breadth of Forensics, Cloud Security, Penetration Testing, Application Security, and Cryptography. In this webinar, you will see actual demonstrations of using Wireshark to view network traffic plus tools for gathering forensics. You will also get details into some of the largest threats companies face today.

Tips and Tricks to Vim Mastery
With expert Jordan Hudgens
Recorded on September 28, 2016

Whether you're a developer working in Linux or a developer planning to work in Linux, mastering Vim is essential to your success. Join expert Jordan Hudgens as he guides you through harnessing the power of Vim in writing your code, working with multiple files, and taking advantage of the many shortcuts that will make you a more efficient coder. Learn how to leverage the tools and processes provided by Vim, including walking through a full cheat sheet on how to utilize one of the developer world's most popular text editors.

CompTIA Overhauls Its Most Popular Certification!
With expert Patrick Loner
Recorded on September 07, 2016

We live in a highly mobile world and, as a result, IT professionals are facing many new troubleshooting challenges that come with modern mobile devices and new operating systems (Windows 8, Linux, and Mac OS). In this webinar, expert Patrick Loner discusses the updates to the CompTIA A+ certification exam objectives, the gold standard for service technicians and help desk personnel worldwide.   Join us to see how CompTIA strengthened the A+ certification and is addressing all these new modern technologies.

First Exploration into ASP.NET Core 1.0
With expert Don Kiely
Recorded on August 31, 2016

Microsoft released the initial pieces of the first complete overhaul of .NET and ASP.NET since the development technologies were released. At some 15 years old, an overhaul to make them more useful for the needs of real-world, modern application development (especially on the Web) was long overdue. We’ll explore what these "core" technologies are all about and why they are such a radical departure from their predecessors. By the end, you'll understand where the technologies are at in their evolution to get a good idea of whether you want to wait for them to mature or fully embrace them now for your projects.