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Learn from and interact with our instructors in a virtual classroom environment. Each 90-minute webinar event includes step-by-step instruction and demos for the latest technologies, including plenty of Q&A time. Register for upcoming events below, plus check out our extensive collection of archived events available for on-demand viewing.

Azure Management Portal: New Possibilities
With expert Mike Benkovich
Wednesday, January 25, 2017 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM CT
Since Microsoft launched its public cloud offering with Azure in 2010, keeping track of how to provision and use the services has evolved as the number of services has expanded. This expansion led to a growing need for provisioning automation. In this webinar, we’ll dive into the Azure Management Portal to show you how to find new services that you may have a need for. You’ll also gain insights into new analytics that show how your services are working.

Add a Kick to Your Recipe with C++
With expert Peter Thorsteinson
Wednesday, February 08, 2017 11:00 AM - 12:30 AM CT
Nearly any developer can take advantage of the speed, power, and flexibility within C++ without having to become a full-time C++ developer. Whether you typically code in C#, Java, Python, Ruby, or others, by mastering C++ Interop you can increase performance where it is most needed, be it complex mathematics, manipulating large data sets, or accessing external drivers. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to use C++ Interop to move data in and out of a C++ application in order to take advantage of specific C++ enhancements.

Modernize Your Utility Belt with CompTIA NET+
With expert Patrick Loner
Wednesday, February 22, 2017 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM CT
CompTIA’s hugely successful certification track Network+ has become the gold standard for IT professionals. Recently, CompTIA updated the certification to modernize it with today’s technology and best practices. It is important for those that specialize in IT related fields to maintain their certification and stay current. In this webinar, we will discuss the benefits of the CompTIA Network+ certification as a whole as well as provide an overview of what’s new in the N10-006 release of the certification

In case you missed it...

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Microsoft's Latest Web Technology Comes into Focus
With expert Don Kiely
Recorded on December 14, 2016

Microsoft is in the early process of the first major overhaul of the .NET Framework platform in some 15 years. ASP.NET Core is not the next version of ASP.NET, but a complete rewrite from the ground up made to support the modern Web. It’s so new and different that there isn't even a well-defined migration path from old to new. If you have experience with classic ASP.NET you'll be familiar with a lot in ASP.NET Core, but most of it is brand new and far more suited to the challenges of building modern Web applications. We'll explore what's new about this technology both behind the scenes and closer to the surface in your controllers and views.

Rule Over Your Data with R
With expert Kevin McCarty
Recorded on November 30, 2016

Data Science is one of the hottest topics in the IT industry. The R language has gone from being relatively obscure to being the number one language for data science. R is widely used because of its ability to quickly and easily manage data and tap into thousands of special purpose libraries to do everything from statistical modeling to image processing. We'll utilize the power of R to explore data in order to derive a better understanding of the data itself and predict classifications of related data based upon that understanding.

Workflow Supersized in SharePoint 2016
With expert Philip Wheat
Recorded on November 09, 2016

One of the most powerful, yet possibly one of the most underutilized features within SharePoint is workflows. Workflows provide users with the ability to automate complex business processes, saving them both time and effort. However, due to the frequent changes Microsoft has made to the SharePoint platform combined with the challenges of learning how to use this feature, many users failed to take advantage of it. That's why, in SharePoint 2016, Microsoft has taken a different approach to workflows by introducing Microsoft Flow. We'll explore flow and what it can mean for not only your SharePoint implementation but also other systems that you work with.

Java 8 Features Demystified
With expert Kevin McManus
Recorded on October 26, 2016

Not since Java 5's introduction of Generics and the Collections API has a Java release been so highly anticipated. Join us to learn about some new and powerful features of the Java SE 8 platform. Chief among the new features are Lambda expressions allowing Java developers to take advantage of today's multicore processors. The new Stream class enhances the Collections API by providing a mechanism to implement parallel processing of data using multicore processors. We'll walk through examples that will demystify new syntax, and you'll learn about backward compatibility.