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  • Explore what’s considered the preeminent language for data science and statistics, R. Begin with an introduction to basic types then tackle advanced types, operators, and data structures in new courses from expert Kevin McCarty.
  • CompTIA A+ certification is the most essential IT certification for establishing an IT career. Discover the ins and outs of the comprehensive and vendor-neutral language in a new series of courses.
  • A major overhaul is in the future for Microsoft's .NET Framework, the first big change to the platform in some 15 years. In a recent webinar, expert Don Kiely discussed what's new about this technology both behind the scenes and closer to the surface in your controllers and views.
  • Get excited for what's coming soon: CompTIA NET+, Azure, Exploring SQL 2016, and more to boost your career and set you apart from the competition.


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  • Bright Future for C++ Learners
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