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Watch "Getting Started with AngularJS"

By Brian Ewoldt

This week expert John Culviner presented the webinar "Getting Started with AngularJS."

This blog entry was originally posted July 11, 2014 by Brian Ewoldt

MVC, Ajax, and jQuery

Excerpt by James Curtis

Many people see Ajax as the technology that saved the web, that made it possible to create much richer Web 2.0 applications than was ever possible using just HTML and plain old JavaScript.

This course excerpt was originally posted October 24, 2013 from the online courseware MVC 4.0, Part 05 of 11: Validation and Working with Ajax by James Curtis

jQuery: Sticking to Commitments

By Don Kiely

Microsoft made two commitments when it decided to embrace jQuery as its one and only client-side JavaScript library.

This blog entry was originally posted October 22, 2012 by Don Kiely

Go Ahead and Be Geeky

By Martin Schaeferle

There was a time when computer programming was considered something that only "geeks" did. Anyone who spent all of his or her time in front of a computer clearly had no social life.