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Fairbanks, Alaska

Don Kiely is a featured instructor on many of our SQL Server and Visual Studio courses. He is a nationally recognized author, instructor, and consultant specializing in Microsoft technologies. Don has many years of teaching experience, is the author or co-author of several programming books, and has spoken at many industry conferences and user groups. In addition, Don is a consultant for a variety of companies that develop distributed applications for public and private organizations.


Chinking the Armor in SQL

Microsoft’s last major overhaul of the security features of SQL Server
occurred in the 2005 edition. Those changes, which laid the foundation for what would become a much more secure server product, helped to support far more secure appli...

SQL Server

Newsflash! ASP.NET Core Adds New Component Type

It’s not uncommon for a website to have content repeated in various places throughout the site, whether it’s a list of most popular blog posts or a tag cloud that shows up in a sidebar on every page. The list of the ways that content can ...


Microsoft's Latest Web Technology Comes into Focus

Microsoft is in the early process of the first major overhaul of the .NET Framework platform in some 15 years. ASP.NET Core is not the next version of ASP.NET, but a complete rewrite from the ground up made to support the modern Web. It's so new and ...


First Exploration into ASP.NET Core 1.0

Microsoft released the initial pieces of the first complete overhaul of .NET and ASP.NET since the development technologies were released. At some 15 years old, an overhaul to make them more useful for the needs of real-world, modern application deve...



SQL Server 2016 Core, Part 3 of 3: Interface and Querying

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is an integrated development environment for writing ransact-SQL and other types of SQL Server code and commands. It is the principal tool that you can use to administer SQL Server and write code, and is hosted in ...

SQL Server

SQL Server 2016 Core, Part 2 of 3: Install and Configure

Modern versions of SQL Server are very easy products to install—the setup program walks you through all of the necessary steps to installing the features you need. There are a number of decisions you’ll have to make along the way, which can seem a bi...

SQL Server

SQL Server 2016 Core, Part 1 of 3: Getting Started

In this course, you’ll get an overview of what SQL Server is all about, and tour some of its more prominent features. We'll start by looking at the product itself, and its various editions, and talk about how Microsoft is constantly shifting features...

SQL Server

Exploring ASP.NET Core, Part 6 of 6: View Components

Explore the concepts behind View Components, learn how they’re put together as a combination of a class and a view, and find out how to create and use them. Get a feel for just how simple and straightforward View Components can be by still being as s...

ASP.NETVisual Studio

Exploring ASP.NET Core, Part 5 of 6: Dependency and Tag Helpers

Dive deep into the important features of ASP.NET Core and the applications that are built with it. Explore the concepts of Dependency Injection, a common software engineering design principle that’s built into the platform and used extensively, and s...

ASP.NETVisual Studio

Exploring ASP.NET Core, Part 4 of 6: Structure and Middleware

Get a quick recap of what ASP.NET Core is all about and dive into the details of the anatomy of a web application. Take a look at the standard structure of a project, exploring the most important code files that you’ll include in most applications. D...

ASP.NETVisual Studio

Exploring ASP.NET Core, Part 3 of 6: Tools and Projects

Learn how to build a project from common .NET Core project templates and what tools are needed to do so. In addition to discovering how to build a full application, explore the state of .NET Core and determine if it's the best tool to meet your curre...

ASP.NETVisual Studio

Exploring ASP.NET Core, Part 2 of 6: Apps and MVC

Explore how to bootstrap an application in .NET Core and learn how to build a Hello World app into an ASP.NET MVC application. Discover ways to launch web applications from the browser as well as how to use MVC and the administration of the Kestrel w...

ASP.NETVisual Studio


MVC 6: Your Web Development World is About to Get Rocked!

If you missed the live-stream of our latest webinar on 7/22/2015, never fear! Check out the link below to get yourself up to speed with MVC 6.

ASP.NETMVCVisual StudioWeb Development

"Cool" New Courses for Entity Framework

We've joined forces with our Yeti instructor, Don Kiely, to create two new Entity Framework 6.1 courses for you.

Entity FrameworkSQL Server

Entity Framework's Entity Data Model

Don Kiely recently presented an interesting webinar on the Entity Framework Data Model-complete with his sled dogs in the background supporting him all the way.

Entity Framework

Entity Framework 6.1 Fundamentals

New from our instructor in the land of the midnight sun are new courses covering the fundamentals of Entity Framework 6.1.

Entity Framework

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