Entity Framework's Entity Data Model

By Brian Ewoldt | September 19, 2014


Don Kiely recently presented an interesting webinar on the Entity Framework Data Model-complete with his sled dogs in the background supporting him all the way. Broadcasting from his home in Alaska, Don kicked off the webinar by explaining why Entity Framework's Entity Data Model is the key link between the entity data objects in your application and the backend data store where data resides. Don went on to describe how the Entity Framework uses the model to generate .NET entity classes and APIs that provide powerful data access features to an application.

Don then reached down into the guts of the XML that makes up the three Entity Data Models-conceptual, storage, and mapping-to give us a good understanding of how Entity Framework implements many of its features. Don's dogs chimed in from time to time, unable to wait for the Q&A to show their enthusiasm for the topic. If you missed Don (and his dogs), catch the webinar replay here. Also, take a moment to register now for our next event titled "What's new in iOS8 and Xamarin" presented by Wally McClure.

Brian Ewoldt

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This blog entry was originally posted September 19, 2014 by Brian Ewoldt