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James Curtis

James Curtis is a .NET Developer that primarily works in the UX space. He has worked on and for several large projects alongside Microsoft Consulting. James has spoken at several code camps about UX development for ASP.NET and SharePoint. He is an active participant in the development community tweeting and blogging about several topics in the UX area. James is an active consultant and is also assisting in several Start-ups contributing his UX experience.


Introduction to Node.JS

If you ever wanted to have a relatively quick introduction to Node.js, then this is the webinar to attend. Node.Js is a powerful JavaScript engine that allows a website to be completely event-driven. We'll cover the basics to get you going and look i...

.NETVisual Studio

Enhance Your Web App with jQuery UI and MVC 4

In this session we will be doing a quick world tour of the MVC 4 UI and then get into keeping things DRY (don't repeat yourself). We'll get into creating Partial Views, loading them into jQuery UI Tabs, and then doing it again, but by way of event-dr...

AJAXjQueryVisual Studio

Enjoy Real-Time Web Functionality in Your ASP.NET Application with SignalR

We will be looking at some of the aspects of the SignalR using its .NET library and how it uses HTML 5 web sockets (when available) to deliver instant information to and from the server

ASP.NETJavaScriptSignalRVisual Studio

Introduction to Knockout.js

KnockoutJS is a JavaScript library that allows you to build Model-View-View-Model web applications in the UI. This means that you can simplify your JavaScript User Interface with the MVVM model. This library is a great companion to creating ASP.NET M...



Node.JS, Part 2 of 2: Buffers and Servers

In this course we’ll cover using Buffers in Node.js, including copying, decoding and events. We’ll then move on Server Requests, building a file server, creating HTTP requests and closing out the course we’ll cover how to build a web application usin...

JavaScriptNodeJSWeb DevelopmentWeb Frameworks

Node.JS, Part 1 of 2: Overview and Fundamentals

In this course you’ll see an overview of Node.js. We'll cover getting Node.js downloaded and installed, plus look at adding some extra add-ons that make node.js pop that much more. We’ll then move on to the advantages of IIS with Node.js and then loo...

JavaScriptNodeJSWeb DevelopmentWeb Frameworks

MVC 4.0, Part 11 of 11: UI Design and Mobile Development

The MVC 4 framework has a lot of tools that makes web development powerful. In this course you will learn how to use JavaScript, jQuery UI and Partial Views to enhance MVC 4 Web Applications. Then you will continue use JavaScript with jQuery Mobile t...

.NETASP.NETC#MVCVisual StudioWeb Development

MVC 4.0, Part 05 of 11: Validation and Working with Ajax

Once you have started to use data input you want to be sure the input is valid, enter data validation. This course will start with teaching you about validation attributes, then you will learn how to implement custom validation and explore displaying...

.NETAJAXASP.NETC#MVCVisual StudioWeb Development

MVC 4.0, Part 04 of 11: Working with Data

If you need user input or output you will be working with Data. This course will start with making Models in the Entity Framework. Then you will learn about HTML helpers and what they can do for your views. Then you will be shown how to create Forms ...

.NETASP.NETC#MVCVisual StudioWeb Development

JSON: Syntax, Arrays, and Nested JSON Data

If you are in or looking to get into web development, then chances are pretty good that you will need to deal with data at some point. JSON has come along as a more lightweight structure to hold data that is easy for machines to parse and generate f...

ASP.NETC#DatabaseJavaScriptJSONWeb DevelopmentWeb Frameworks

SignalR, Part 2 of 2: Hubs and Custom Data Stream

This course will cover SignalR in connection with Hubs. You will start learning by building a simple Hub and then move to client calling server and server calling client as well as specific methods on specific connections. You will also learn about r...

.NETASP.NETC#MVCSignalRVisual StudioWeb Development

SignalR, Part 1 of 2: Persistent Connection

SignalR is a complete client-side and server-side solution with JavaScript on the client and ASP.NET on the back end. This course will get you started with SignalR and then move into Persistent Connection. You will learn about the Persistent Connecti...

.NETASP.NETC#MVCSignalRVisual StudioWeb Development


MVC, Ajax, and jQuery

Many people see Ajax as the technology that saved the web, that made it possible to create much richer Web 2.0 applications than was ever possible using just HTML and plain old JavaScript.


Data Annotations

One of the many benefits of separating the concerns of the models, views, and controllers in an MVC application is that each of the three components is able to contain all of the code with which it is concerned.


HTML Helper Classes

HTML helpers are implemented in the System.Web.Mvc.HtmlHelper and HtmlHelperclasses.


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