Introduction to Node.JS

with expert James Curtis

If you ever wanted to have a relatively quick introduction to Node.js, then this is the webinar to attend. Node.Js is a powerful JavaScript engine that allows a website to be completely event-driven. We'll cover the basics to get you going and look into additional frameworks like Express.js which runs with the Node.Js engine.

This webinar was originally recorded on January 22, 2014.

Visual Studio.NET

James Curtis

James Curtis is a .NET Developer that primarily works in the UX space. He has worked on and for several large projects alongside Microsoft Consulting. James has spoken at several code camps about UX development for ASP.NET and SharePoint. He is an active participant in the development community tweeting and blogging about several topics in the UX area. James is an active consultant and is also assisting in several Start-ups contributing his UX experience.

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