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SignalR, Part 1 of 2: Persistent Connection

with expert James Curtis

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Release date 12/10/2012
Level Advanced
Runtime 1h 10m
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Course description

SignalR is a complete client-side and server-side solution with JavaScript on the client and ASP.NET on the back end. This course will get you started with SignalR and then move into Persistent Connection. You will learn about the Persistent Connection API, IConnection API and Group Management.


This course assumes that the users have an understanding of developing web applications using HTML and ASP.NET in a Visual Studio 2010 development environment.

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Building Web Services

Meet the expert

James Curtis is a .NET Developer that primarily works in the UX space. He has worked on and for several large projects alongside Microsoft Consulting. James has spoken at several code camps about UX development for ASP.NET and SharePoint. He is an active participant in the development community tweeting and blogging about several topics in the UX area. James is an active consultant and is also assisting in several Start-ups contributing his UX experience.

Course outline

Persistent Connection

Getting Started (18:39)
  • Introduction (00:41)
  • What is SignalR (01:11)
  • The Typical Website (00:41)
  • Here's SignalR (03:57)
  • How to Get Started (01:13)
  • Demo: Starting a MVC project (02:56)
  • Demo: Installing signalr (02:12)
  • Demo: Bundle and Master Page (03:40)
  • Demo: Establish Map Connection (01:51)
  • Summary (00:14)
On Recieved Async (14:35)
  • Introduction (00:22)
  • On Received Async (00:59)
  • Demo: On Received Async (01:33)
  • Demo: End Point Connection (03:17)
  • Demo: PersistentConnectionAPI (05:11)
  • Demo: Testing The Code (03:02)
  • Summary (00:09)
Connect, Reconnect, Disconnect (16:38)
  • Introduction (00:20)
  • On Connected Async (00:57)
  • Demo: On Connected Async (04:08)
  • On Reconnected Async (01:12)
  • Demo: On Reconnected Async (03:16)
  • On Disconnect Async (01:11)
  • Demo: On Disconnect Async (02:21)
  • On Error Async (00:58)
  • Demo: On Error Async (01:58)
  • Summary (00:12)
Broadcast (20:35)
  • Introduction (00:16)
  • Broadcast (00:43)
  • Send (00:50)
  • Demo: Send (03:15)
  • Group Management (01:29)
  • Demo: Group Management (06:27)
  • Broadcast over a Hub (01:40)
  • Demo: Broadcast over a Hub (05:40)
  • Summary (00:11)