Blog: Java

What is Happening to Java EE?

By Martin Schaeferle

What happened to the name? Why Jakarta EE 9 (or EE4J). Well, Oracle holds the trademark for Java so to make matters easier since Oracle was releasing control of the technology...

This blog entry was originally posted September 14, 2018 by Martin Schaeferle

What's new in Java 7 SE

By Brian Ewoldt

So you've heard all the puns about the Java programming language and coffee.

This blog entry was originally posted January 16, 2015 by Brian Ewoldt

It is the Best of Times and it is the Worst of Times for Programmers

By Martin Schaeferle

Across the past six years, the US economy was mired in a recession. Yet throughout it all, there was one bright spot: the IT and programming job market.

This blog entry was originally posted June 11, 2013 by Martin Schaeferle

Does Google Prefer C/C++ or Java Programmers?

By Martin Schaeferle

Any job hunter will tell you that while it's important to have experience, a great resume, and a strong work ethic, it's also equally important to do your homework regarding the company you're interviewing for.

This blog entry was originally posted June 10, 2013 by Martin Schaeferle

Putting Java's Recent Troubles in Context- And How It Can Affect Your Career

By Martin Schaeferle

Java has been in the news quite a bit recently - and it's not all good.

This blog entry was originally posted March 22, 2013 by Martin Schaeferle

Importance of Training Consistency for Developers & IT Professionals

By Martin Schaeferle

One of the most challenging aspects of working with a team of talented, diverse people is the possible divergent working methods that each person can bring to the table.

This blog entry was originally posted February 20, 2013 by Martin Schaeferle

The Votes are In, and the Top Programming Language of 2012 Was...

By Martin Schaeferle

The new year brings with it all sort of lists. The Top 10 news stories, movies, celebrities, etc. So why not the Top programming language?

This blog entry was originally posted January 10, 2013 by Martin Schaeferle

Don't Waste your Time on Training

By Martin Schaeferle

How many times have you heard people say, "I am definitely not going to waste my time going to that instructor led class" or "that self study training is a waste of time, not for me"?

Developers, Let's talk $uccess

By Craig Jensen

It is plain common sense that a developer will succeed and advance in their career, and therefore benefit financially from their success, if they are known as an expert in the technology they work in.