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Adam Levithan

Adam Levithan is a senior consultant at Portal Solutions, LLC, a leading technology consulting firm that plans, designs, and deploys highly effective digital workplace solutions to connect employees and information. He is an experienced writer, instructor, and speaker, as well as a Virtual Technology Specialist (vTSP) for Microsoft, assisting in the communication and benefits of the Microsoft collaboration suite. Adam is a seasoned business strategist, SharePoint advocate, and information architect focusing his skills on designing information management and collaboration solutions. He is passionate about the capabilities of the SharePoint platform and is an advocate for customers to improve the retention and findability of information.


SharePoint 2013 Power User, Part 3 of 3: Pages and Solutions

A lot of time and effort is spent on the reviewing and explaining of large scale features and capabilities of the SharePoint infrastructure. However the power to create business solutions is born out of relatively small built in features. SharePoint ...

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SharePoint 2013 Power User, Part 2 of 3: Metadata and Libraries

For better or worse, SharePoint is known for its document management capabilities. Sometimes that means people just dump files into SharePoint but in this deep dive we investigate how to take advantage of the native SharePoint 2013 tools to stream li...

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SharePoint 2013 Power User, Part 1 of 3: Introduction

Many technologies that support the creation if a social enterprise have been around for over 10 to 15 years. As a result a special group of users has grown accustom to taking technology into their own hands and building solutions to meet their needs....

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SharePoint 2013 User, Part 2 of 2: Libraries and Personal Site

It's no secret that SharePoint stores and centralizes documents. You'll notice that the term Library used in SharePoint can now be found in your file explorer across the latest windows operating systems. We'll review the standard features of interact...

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SharePoint 2013 User, Part 1 of 2: Navigation and Communications

With the introduction of SharePoint 2013, not only has the look and feel been upgraded but a whole new set of features have been added. Here we will take a practical approach to SharePoint and review the key elements that are found in every implement...

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