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Adam Barney

Adam Barney has been writing code in one form or another since the 4th grade and has been 100% focused on .NET since 2005. He is currently a senior-level consultant living in Lincoln, NE where he co-founded and runs both the Lincoln .NET Users Group and Nebraska Code Camp. Adam also enjoys speaking at user groups, code camps, and developer conferences in the Midwest.


Building Windows 8 Apps Quickly with Caliburn.Micro

They're calling the release of Windows 8 the greatest developer opportunity ever. This is your chance to put your app in front of hundreds of millions of potential buyers in the new Windows Store. But how will you build it? At long last, Caliburn.Mic...

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Bootstrap 3.1, Part 4 of 4: JavaScript

It’s time for JavaScript to take the center stage! Bootstrap comes loaded with a ton of great JavaScript plugins to help us create powerful and engaging sites for our customers and users. We’ll capture the user’s attention with modal dialogs and cre...

.NETBootstrapWeb DevelopmentWeb Frameworks

Bootstrap 3.1, Part 3 of 4: Components

HTML is pretty simple. There are a limited number of elements, and only so much you can do to style those individual elements. Bootstrap’s core CSS does a good job with that default styling, but now it’s time to take the next step. In this course, ...

ASP.NETBootstrapJavaScriptWeb Development

Bootstrap 3.1, Part 2 of 4: Base CSS

Bootstrap has many reasons to love it. Why? Apart from being a FREE, open-sourced, really powerful, mobile-first responsive front-end framework, it also provides you with quite a lot of value right out of the box – with very little effort. With ju...

ASP.NETBootstrapJavaScriptWeb Development

Bootstrap 3.1, Part 1 of 4: Introduction and Installing

If you’re a web developer – and I mean a developer – someone who writes back-end code and doesn’t have a lot of front-end design experience – prepare to meet your new best friend. Bootstrap is a very flexible and powerful front-end framework consisti...

ASP.NETBootstrapJavaScriptWeb Development

Microsoft Silverlight 5, Part 2 of 2: Controls, Media, and App

In this course, we will dig deep in to 3 major areas of improvement in Silverlight 5. We will take a look at some new controls, such as the PivotViewer control which will allow you to interact with your data in some amazing new ways, and cover chang...

.NETASP.NETC#SilverlightVisual BasicVisual StudioWeb DevelopmentXAML

Microsoft Silverlight 5, Part 1 of 2: Data, Binding, and Text

In this course, we will take an in-depth look at some of the most welcome changes to Silverlight. We will dive in to the many improvements to an already very powerful data binding model, looking at how these changes help us create applications using...

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Bootstrap Fundamentals with Adam Barney

Watch the trailer for Bootstrap 3.1: Introduction and Installing


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