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Bootstrap 3.1, Part 1 of 4: Introduction and Installing

with expert Adam Barney

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Release date 7/7/2014
Level Intermediate
Runtime 1h 3m
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Course description

If you’re a web developer – and I mean a developer – someone who writes back-end code and doesn’t have a lot of front-end design experience – prepare to meet your new best friend. Bootstrap is a very flexible and powerful front-end framework consisting of a set of CSS classes and JavaScript plugins that will make your sites look not like the boring, drab, dare I say ugly… sites that developers are known to create, but instead look pretty darn good. This course will take us through the process of acquiring Bootstrap – you’ll see how we can download Bootstrap distributions and sources or use a CDN or front-end package manager like Bower to get Bootstrap.


This course assumes that the users have an understanding of developing web applications using HTML, ASP.NET, and JavaScript in any development environment.

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Meet the expert

Adam Barney has been writing code in one form or another since the 4th grade and has been 100% focused on .NET since 2005. He is currently a senior-level consultant living in Lincoln, NE where he co-founded and runs both the Lincoln .NET Users Group and Nebraska Code Camp. Adam also enjoys speaking at user groups, code camps, and developer conferences in the Midwest.

Course outline

Introduction and Installing

Introduction (22:01)
  • Introduction (00:37)
  • What is Bootstrap? (00:57)
  • A Front-End Framework (02:00)
  • Responsive (02:36)
  • Mobile First Responsive Design (00:58)
  • Why use Bootstrap? (03:39)
  • Getting Bootstrap (01:32)
  • Demo: Get Bootstrap (04:05)
  • Demo: Bootstrap - Dist. Files (05:18)
  • Summary (00:16)
GetBootStrap (23:57)
  • Introduction (00:27)
  • Demo: Bootstrap - Clone Code (03:16)
  • Demo: Bootstrap – Software (04:56)
  • Demo: Bootstrap – Jekyll (04:56)
  • Demo: Bootstrap – Grunt Test (02:48)
  • Demo: Bootstrap – Grunt Watch (04:59)
  • Demo: Bootstrap – Grunt Watch2 (02:07)
  • Summary (00:23)
BootStrapCDN (17:31)
  • Introduction (00:32)
  • Demo: Bootstrap - CDN (01:24)
  • Demo: Bootstrap - Bower (04:07)
  • Getting Bootstrap (01:15)
  • Our First Bootstrap Site (00:46)
  • Demo: Starting Our Blog Site (03:07)
  • Demo: Bundling (02:34)
  • Demo: The Blog Site (03:15)
  • Summary (00:27)