Bootstrap Fundamentals with Adam Barney

By Brian Ewoldt | July 16, 2014

Bootstrap 3.1: Introduction and Installing

Watch the trailer for Bootstrap 3.1: Introduction and Installing

The LearnNowOnline production department has been busy working on four new courses for Bootstrap. So why would you need a course about how to use a bootstrap, you ask? How hard can it be? Actually, if you are going to create a web site about how to strap on your boots, you may want to use Bootstrap. Okay, enough with the bad play on words! The Bootstrap I'm talking about here is a free collection of web site creation tools. It was developed by engineers at Twitter as a framework to create uniformity in the development of websites. Our new Bootstrap courses are presented by Adam Barney. Adam is a Microsoft C# MVP, consultant, speaker, author, and instructor. Starting in the 4th grade on a Commodore64, Adam has continually pushed himself to learn more about the construction of software, and he loves sharing that knowledge and passion with others.

He is the instructor of our Microsoft Silverlight 5 courses, and we're happy to have him back sharing his wisdom once again with these four new Bootstrap courses: Bootstrap 3.1: Introduction and Installing (now available) This course will take you through the process of acquiring Bootstrap - you'll see how we can download Bootstrap distributions and sources or use a CDN or front-end package manager like Bower to get Bootstrap.

Bootstrap 3.1: Base CSS (now available) This course will show you what basic CSS classes come with Bootstrap and how to apply them to your site to make it look great.

Bootstrap 3.1:Components (coming soon) In this course you'll learn about creating some different input elements, page navigation, emphasizing content in subtle ways with labels and badges, or in big ways with jumbotrons. You'll also check out how you can visually separate content from its surroundings -- both text-based content in wells, panels and alerts, and images in thumbnails.

Bootstrap 3.1: JavaScript (coming soon) In this course, you'll see that Bootstrap comes loaded with a ton of great JavaScript plugins to help you create powerful and engaging sites for customers and users. You'll learn how to capture users' attention with modal dialogs and create an auto-updating navigation element that remains fixed in the browser window as you scroll through your site.  

You'll also learn how to add some interactive elements to your site as we show and hide content dynamically using the tab and collapse plugins, and add some additional contextual content to our users in the form of tool-tips ad popovers. One last item of note...yes Bootstrap 3.2 has just been released, but have no fear. All topics in these courses will still apply to Bootstrap 3.2.

Brian Ewoldt

Brian Ewoldt is the Project Manager for LearnNowOnline. Brian joined the team in 2008 after 13 years of working for the computer gaming industry as a producer/project manager. Brian is responsible for all production of courses published by LearnNowOnline. In his spare time, Brian enjoys being with his family, watching many forms of racing, racing online, and racing Go-Karts.

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