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Business Analysis Excellence Pty Ltd is a global provider of Business Analysis training courses recognized and endorsed by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) and the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB). Established in Melbourne, Australia, in 2012, their team of hands-on CBAP qualified Business Analysts is dedicated to helping others achieve great success and now serve clients from around the globe.


Master Practitioner, Part 6 of 6: Manage Scope and Business Cases

An important aspect of business analysis is determining Scope models, which define the nature of one or more limits or boundaries and place elements inside or outside those boundaries. Scope models are commonly used to describe the boundaries of con...

Business AnalysisMaster

Master Practitioner, Part 5 of 6: Determine Solution Approach

Take a deep dive into the solution approach, which describes whether solution components will be created, purchased, or some combination of both. As a business analyst, it’s your responsibility to assess the merits of the solution approaches for each...

Business AnalysisMaster

Master Practitioner, Part 4 of 6: Investment Appraisal

Investment appraisal is the process used by senior managers, supported by other business professionals such as business analysts, to investigate whether it is worth proceeding with a proposed project or other change. Discover what’s involved in the p...

Business AnalysisMaster

Master Practitioner, Part 3 of 6: Business Need

Business needs are the problems and opportunities of strategic importance faced by the enterprise from the perspective of the enterprise, not that of any particular stakeholder. Often identified or expressed along with a suggested solution, it’s the ...

Business AnalysisMaster

Master Practitioner, Part 2 of 6: Information Systems Context

Information systems are required at all levels in an organization to support strategic and tactical decision-making and the day-to-day operational work. Discover how information systems provide a means of recording, analyzing, and reporting the infor...

Business AnalysisMaster

Master Practitioner, Part 1 of 6: Business Organizations

When exploring what it means to be a business analyst, it’s vital to have a good sense of business knowledge in order to perform effectively within a business, industry, organization, solution, and methodology. Take a closer look at how business kno...

Business AnalysisMaster

Core Practitioner, Part 12 of 12: Different Perspectives

Learn about the five different perspectives within the field of business analysis: the Agile Perspective, the Business Intelligence Perspective, the Information Technology Perspective, the Business Architecture Perspective, and the Business Process M...

Business AnalysisCore

Core Practitioner, Part 11 of 12: Important Techniques

This course covers various business analysis techniques, including process analysis, process modelling, prototyping, reviews, risk analysis and management, roles and permissions matrix, root cause analysis, scope modelling, sequence diagram, stakehol...

Business AnalysisCore

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