May the Webinars Be With You

By Brian Ewoldt | May 06, 2015

May seems to be webinar month here at LearnNowOnline. With three exciting events on the calendar, it's a great time to explore some of the most buzzed-about new and updated technologies including Visual Studio 2015, Windows 10, and Swift. We hope you'll join us for these upcoming events:


What's New in Visual Studio 2015 | Register now On May 13th Joe Mayo will once again present "What's New in Visual Studio 2015." In this live session, you will get a great overview of the changes from the previous versions of Visual Studio. You will also learn about some of the updates that were released at Build, including the newest version called Visual Studio Code. Code is a free version of Visual Studio 2015 that is really a very powerful editor that runs on multiple platforms. You'll also learn of any new updates that may come from Microsoft before the 13th.


Building Apps for Windows 10 with Visual Studio  | Register now On May 27th Mike Benkovich will continue the Visual Studio conversation when he presents "Building Apps for Windows 10 using Visual Studio." Windows 10 is expected to bring the best of Windows 7 and Windows 8 plus some new advancements. Mike will cover this exciting update, including related information recently released at Build.

Introduction to Swift  | Watch recording In this webinar recorded earlier this month, Jordan Hudgens covers Swift, the newest programming language from Apple. Swift is designed for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, and is meant to be easier, faster, and safer than Objective-C.  You can use Swift to replace or work in conjunction with Objective-C. Watch the replay now: This webinar coincides with the release of two new Swift courses from LearnNowOnline: Swift for iOS: Basics and Swift for iOS: Creating an Application.

These two courses will give you an overview of Swift and its basic commands, plus you will learn how to create a simple application. To register for any of these webinars, or to view recordings of previous webinars, check out

This blog entry was originally posted May 06, 2015 by Brian Ewoldt