Hadoop and Power Pivot courses in the works

By Brian Ewoldt | June 26, 2014

Doug Ortiz, PowerPivot instructor

Doug Ortiz, Power Pivot instructor

We here in the LearnNowOnline production department have been busy with back-to-back shoots for two popular technologies that help you manage and analyze your data. Barry Solomon was here covering Hadoop. Hadoop is a syntax based OS and application used to manage large data files. By large I mean data files that gets into terabytes of size. With many new ways of covering data these days it gets more and more important that companies have a way to manage this large amount of data. Hadoop works from a VM and then is used to connect to the database files.

The course we're working on will cover the "why" and "how" for Hadoop. Last week we began production on our Power Pivot fundamentals courses with Doug Ortiz. Once you have all that data mentioned above, how do you use it effectively? Power Pivot helps a company to analyze that data. It is an add-on for Excel and can be run in a SharePoint environment. Power Pivot gives users the ability to import millions of lines of data from several database sources. Once the data is in Excel, a company then can use the Excel's tools to help sort the data and use the analytical capabilities, such as Data Analysis Expressions (DAX). Our new courses for Hadoop and Power Pivot are scheduled to be released in July.

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Brian Ewoldt

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