Drawing and Animating on the HTML5 Canvas

with expert Dustin Tauer

The HTML5 Canvas element enables JavaScript to draw two-dimensional and the three-dimensional graphics on a webpage without the need for plug-ins like Flash or Silverlight. This webinar will demonstrate a number of different techniques for dynamically drawing graphics on the canvas element. We'll explore the drawing API, different methods for adding animations, and discuss how WebGL buffers and shaders enable three-dimensional drawing.

This webinar was originally recorded on February 22, 2012.


Dustin Tauer

Dustin Tauer is an Adobe Certified Master Instructor and has a degree in Informational Systems and Technology. He currently teaches development classes focusing on technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, and Flex. When he’s not training, he’s working on development projects ranging from mobile applications to rich internet applications to instructor-led curriculum.

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