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Dustin Tauer

Dustin Tauer is an Adobe Certified Master Instructor and has a degree in Informational Systems and Technology. He currently teaches development classes focusing on technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, and Flex. When he’s not training, he’s working on development projects ranging from mobile applications to rich internet applications to instructor-led curriculum.


Drawing and Animating on the HTML5 Canvas

The HTML5 Canvas element enables JavaScript to draw two-dimensional and the three-dimensional graphics on a webpage without the need for plug-ins like Flash or Silverlight. This webinar will demonstrate a number of different techniques for dynamicall...


HTML5 and CSS3 Web Forms and Embedding Media Overview

In this session Dustin will show you the changes with HTML5 when it comes to Web Forms. He'll show you the new form inputs, how to create user-friendly web forms and advanced form validation. Then he'll move on to embedding audio and video in your we...

CSS3HTML5Web Development


jQuery, Part 6 of 6: Data and Interactions

jQuery is a great for information exchange. This course “jQuery: Data and Interactions”, will start off with Ajax fundamentals, then move to submitting data with GET and POST. Next you will see how to work with JSON and paginating with Ajax data. The...

ASP.NETDatabasejQueryWeb Development

jQuery, Part 5 of 6: Debugging and Graphics

The jQuery language has grown in its ability to enhance web pages. This course “jQuery: Debugging and Graphics”, will start you with how to debug jQuery in a web browser by understanding/troubleshooting different jQuery versions, checking to see if a...

ASP.NETDatabasejQueryWeb Development

HTML5 and CSS3

With the advent of multimedia on web pages it became clear that the standard HTML4 was no longer sufficient for web page development. Enter HTML5 and CSS3 in connection with JavaScript. This course covers the changes to HTML that now can embed audio ...


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