Object-Oriented JavaScript by Don Kiely

with expert Don Kiely

JavaScript is not an object-oriented programming (OOP) language in the purest sense, but at the very least it is object-based and has some rich support for object-oriented features. You can create rich object hierarchies with objects that inherit from other objects, encapsulate data and state, and support many object-oriented features that you may be familiar with from languages like C#, C++, Java, and VB .NET. It takes a bit of discipline on the programmer's part to make effective use of JavaScript's object-oriented nature, but the result can rival the benefits of any other language. During this Live Learning event, you'll learn about JavaScript's support for basic OOP techniques. Even if you don't intend to create your own framework or implement complex object hierarchies, an understanding of these features is crucial for making sense of any third-party frameworks you use. But if you are going to create any non-trivial JavaScript applications, you'll certainly want to put these techniques to use!

This webinar was originally recorded on March 06, 2013.


Don Kiely

Don Kiely is a featured instructor on many of our SQL Server and Visual Studio courses. He is a nationally recognized author, instructor, and consultant specializing in Microsoft technologies. Don has many years of teaching experience, is the author or co-author of several programming books, and has spoken at many industry conferences and user groups. In addition, Don is a consultant for a variety of companies that develop distributed applications for public and private organizations.

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