The Reporting Services Tablix: One Component to Rule Them All

with expert Don Kiely

It's pretty much impossible to create a useful report in SQL Server's Reporting Services without using a tablix. What's a tablix, you say? It's the unification of the table, list, and matrix data regions--thus the name tablix--in a single component with lots of capabilities. It's a shape-shifter, morphing itself into a table, matrix, or a list based on your needs and whims. To understand and use Reporting Services effectively to build the reports users need, you'll need to have a solid understanding of this versatile component. During this Live Learning event, you'll learn the basic concepts of the tablix, see how to build useful reports with it, and learn about the properties it has to do some amazing things.

This webinar was originally recorded on January 09, 2014.


Don Kiely

Don Kiely is a featured instructor on many of our SQL Server and Visual Studio courses. He is a nationally recognized author, instructor, and consultant specializing in Microsoft technologies. Don has many years of teaching experience, is the author or co-author of several programming books, and has spoken at many industry conferences and user groups. In addition, Don is a consultant for a variety of companies that develop distributed applications for public and private organizations.

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