What is Visual Studio LightSwitch? Why Would I Care?

with expert Don Kiely

Microsoft is in the late stages of releasing version 1 of its latest addition to the Visual Studio family of products: LightSwitch. LightSwitch is intended to be a rapid development environment integrated into Visual Studio for forms-over-data applications. These kinds of applications exist for providing a user interface to let users view and maintain data, rather than being general-purpose do-anything applications. The tool is targeted at both professional and non-professional developers, including people that create departmental solutions with Excel or Access and those who code as a career. During this Live Learning event, you'll see what LightSwitch is all about, the kinds of applications it works best with, and how it works. By the end of the session, you should have a pretty good idea if LightSwitch is the Next Big Thing for you or just another SKU that clutters up the Visual Studio product lineup with more confusing choices!

This webinar was originally recorded on April 26, 2011.

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Don Kiely

Don Kiely is a featured instructor on many of our SQL Server and Visual Studio courses. He is a nationally recognized author, instructor, and consultant specializing in Microsoft technologies. Don has many years of teaching experience, is the author or co-author of several programming books, and has spoken at many industry conferences and user groups. In addition, Don is a consultant for a variety of companies that develop distributed applications for public and private organizations.

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