SSRS 2012, Part 10 of 10: Reporting Services Security

with Don Kiely

In this course, you’ll learn how to work with the security features of Reporting Services. You’ll start by learning how to authorize users to perform actions at both the server and folder level, as well as how to use Management Studio to manage report server roles. Then you’ll learn how to enable Basic authentication, necessary to allow report access via non-IE browsers and outside the local network. It is generally a very bad practice to transmit credentials or data in the clear over any network, even a local network, so next you’ll see how you can enable and optionally require the use of SSL (really TLS, or Transport Layer Security) anytime a user or application accesses Reporting Services. Then you’ll learn about how report data security hooks into the data security features of the core database engine of SQL Server. You’ll see how to require different kinds of credential for any data source, both in SQL Server Data Tools and in Report Manager. You’ll also learn about the permissions required to access data for a report.

Course Outline