SSIS 2014, Part 07 of 11: Scripting Components

with Don Kiely

You can add script to an Integration Services package in two main ways, both of which you’ll learn about in this course. First you’ll learn how to use the Script task to add script to a package’s Control Flow. Then you’ll learn how to use the Script Component to add script to a package’s Data Flow. These two components are quite different. The Script task usually executes once in the package, or perhaps once per loop in a looping container. The Script Component executes once per row in the Data Flow, and may end up executing millions of times each time the package executes if there is that much data to process. This is why there are separate components for the Control and Data Flows: the requirements of each are quite different. As a result, the code you’ll write for each is quite different, as you’ll learn in this course.

Course Outline