SQL 2014 Developer, Part 01 of 13: Views

with Don Kiely

You can use a SQL SELECT statement to read data from one or more tables in a relational database. This is such a common operation that SQL provides a way to save a SELECT statement as a persistent database object, called a view. In this course you’ll learn how to make use of these views. We’ll start by exploring how to create views, reviewing the syntax and the various options you can use. Then we’ll look at the Management Studio tools that help create views. Next you’ll learn how to create a view with a select statement. A computed column in SQL Server is a column that is computed using an expression that uses other fields in the table, a function, or constant values. You’ll learn how to use these columns virtually store data without duplicating it. Next you’ll learn how to use these special indexes to significantly enhance the performance of queries, whether a query uses the underlying view or not.

Course Outline