SQL 2012 Developer, Part 08 of 13: Advanced T-SQL Queries

with Don Kiely

In this course, you’ll learn about some advanced T-SQL statements and operators that can dramatically simplify individual statements to perform complex operations and queries. The APPLY operator lets you feed each row from the result set of one query to a second query. The MERGE statement lets you perform multiple actions with a single statement. You can use grouping sets to group data multiple ways in a single group by clause. You’ll learn about all these advanced query techniques, as well as how to safely execute dynamic SQL statements, and more. Then you’ll learn about how SQL server executes queries, taking a behind the scenes look what it takes to compile your beautiful T-SQL code in to a structure that SQL server can execute. You’ll learn about the stages of query compilation and explore the mysteries world of statics that are so critical to well performing queries. Then you’ll learn about execution plans and how to analyze them as well as what some of the most common operators do.

Course Outline